Chargeback protection for digital items.

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Hello, guys. What is the best way to avoid chargeback? I sell virtual equipment, gold, items and characters in some games, but I only work with money transfer and deposit because I am afraid of chargebacks. Our product is 100% good, but some people buy only to get the item and then do chargeback. Hope you guys can help me, I am sorry for my bad english.

Rob Van Dam

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Hello ,

My LIFE at WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) :

I started to watch Wrestling at the young age of 10.. So, I got so much addicted watching RAW, Smack down, WrestIe Mania..

Later.., My aim turns to Meet WWE SuperStars such as Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Rock, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Rey mysterio, GoldBerg, Curt Angle, Hulk hogan & so on….

After completing my studies, I decided to Get a job in WWE..
I try, I Tries, I Tried to get my dream job in WWE..
Now am working in WWE Network…

Rob Van Dam ^(

Best Tool for FREE Facebook Likes ?

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What tool you use for too many facebook likes and share.. ?

Growing Account for Selling Shoutouts

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Just want to know some opinions on this. May test it out just to see.

Buy 200k+ fake followers + 5,000 auto likes on every post on a popular niche. Use quality hashtags to rank. I'm assuming you'd get followers just from ranking hashtags and being a popular page + posting decent quality content. Sell shoutouts for whatever price.

Could this be profitable?

(JV) My Adult mobile traffic your plan

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Hello BHW

I have a large number of adult mobile traffic daily. I think someone can monetize them to money. Please send me your contact if you have any plan.


How to get started with Ebay?

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Hey Guys,

I am a complete novice with Ebay, and am thinking about trying to do a little drop-shipping, but I haven't even signed up an account yet. I'm actually hesitant to do so because I don't know what type of account to create (personal or business), and I'm worried I'll mess things up before I even start (by choosing the wrong account).

Would you guys have any suggestions on which account to choose? I'm planning to just start out small for now, like maybe listing a few different items…

How to get started with Ebay? ^(

Hello from Hong Kong

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I have beeen earning a part time income online 4 yrs ago starting from eBay. It grew into a full time income 2 yrs ago when I started opening my shop on a replicated website. As the sellers on the replicated site is saturating, I'm stretching my business to my own website and I'm now still in the process of learning SEO and digital marketing. My online income journey started when I became a full time and wanted to make some extra income from home. It went from PTC, to selling knick knacks on…

Hello from Hong Kong ^(

[ASK] Adsense Monetized After Facebook Update!

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Hi Blackhatters,
After completely updated of facebook recently, my groups that have about 3million members, my pages contain about 2millions fans would already died.

I post the links that seem no one see it and come to the site.

My question is how do you make legit traffic from facebook like before?
Do you have other methods to make money from Adsense?


Just bought some BTC

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Last time I had a bitcoin was when I sold off my entire stock in a frenzy at $40 or so.

I just bought some today, as I feel they will continue to increase in value in the coming weeks and months, potentially at a much more rapid rate than ever before.


What do you think? Post your predictions. Have any BTC? Bought any recently, or am I a sucker?

[Help!] Ogads Low Converting Offers

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Look at my stats from today

View attachment 96543 ^(

6 clicks 2 conversion, it's all good the real problem is payout 0.30$.. if conversions were from a low tier country I wouldn't have cared but US conversions

View attachment 96542 ^(

PLEASE NOTE: I've already ticked the option of payout threshold and set it to 0.30$ minimum yet why ogads is showing 0.19$ offer to a US person.. Please someone provide help